Quantum Leap for Public Legal Collaboration

Dennis Kennedy, Denise Howell, Tom Mighell, Marty Schwimmer and Ernest Svenson (Ernie the Attorney) have started a blog conversation called Between Lawyers.

Initial posts run the gamut from podcasting to the grokster case.

Denise explains:

...Legal discourse has been readily accessible only to a closed loop of professionals, academics, jurists, and politicians. Even within the profession itself, "knowledge sharing" remains a somewhat novel concept. Unless you're helping generate billable hours or paying handsomely for them, until quite recently odds are your exposure to timely commentary on topical legal issues has been limited to media sound bites....

It is great to see the tradition of information sharing and conversation that supports "meat space" conferences like ABA Tech morph into the blogosphere. It is also pretty cool that they've launched before BlawgConnect. I mean BlawgConnect 2005, a sure indication of an annual event.

P.S. Many thanks for the link to this site, Dennis. I feel like the training wheels are off now!

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